The Best Online Audio Converter For Your Enjoyment


A good audio converter This is an important tool that we often find in need. Whether to save YouTube videos in MP3 format or change the audio format, it’s very useful.

The Best Online Audio Converter For Your Enjoyment

On the web, you will find many of them, some free payments and others. The important thing is to know which or which best suits your needs or preferences.

Next, I bring a list of the 9 best audio converters, including which web platform found it. Are you looking for one? Then keep reading.

What Is an Audio Converter?

Audio Converter is a software that allows you to change the audio file format to another that is preferred. Sometimes, we cannot listen to songs because they are in a format that is not compatible with our players.

To do this, you need to use an online program or platform that converts files. Usually, most cell phones and other devices can play mp3 format music.

This is one of the most compatible at the moment, besides mp4, which is basically used for storage. But sometimes, it is necessary to move from one format to another, then one of the following converters will be useful:

Top 9 of The Best Online Audio Converter

Next, I will show you a list of the most popular audio converters! Preferably by users to change their audio file format:

1. Audio Converter

How to convert audio files for free using an online audio converter?

Are you looking for the best online audio converter? If yes, then you can follow the below steps. Let’s start!

  1. First, visit the audio converter or click here
  2. Please choose the file or browse the file which you want to convert. (Show as below image)

Online Audio Converter Convert Audio to MP3 MP4 WAV WMA AAC

3. Select your output format as shown as in the image

Select your audio format as shown as in the image

4. Click on your desire audio format

Online Audio Converter Convert Audio to MP3 MP4 WAV

5. Click on convert and your desire audio will be downloading.

It has one of the highest speeds compared to other online audio converters, converting long lists of songs in a shorter time.

And this audio converter offers the option to convert by batch. This consists of making a list of up to thousands of songs, which will be converted into stages. They can be in different formats and there will be no problems. Volume is normalized during the conversion.

You can also extract audio from video. In addition, it has the virtue of working with a maximum of 40 audio formats, keeping music tags from compatible formats. Among them are MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, etc.

2. Ac Audio Converter – Very Complete Software

This is a program that converts audio, besides ripping CD tracks, converting it to another format. MP3, MP4 / M4A, AAC, and FLAC, only a few works with this software. This is really a very complete converter in terms of the number of formats handled.

This is very practical, if you want to convert several songs, you just need to add them to the list and choose the destination format. When converting a song library, the folder structure is preserved, as well as the file name.

Integrated Ripper is compatible with the CDDB / freedb online database. So the program will consult information related to each song, write it in ID3V2 or other formats.

You download it free for devices with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

3. Filezigzag – Online Audio Converter

This is an online platform where you can convert audio files. You only need to upload your track and choose the target format. Then, you will receive an e-mail with the converted audio.

Although this process can be time-consuming, if you have a good internet connection there are no problems. This tool works with the most common formats, and with files that don’t exceed 180MB. The latter does not represent a big problem, because most songs do not exceed that size.

Audio conversion is not the only function of this platform. With it you can also change the format of documents, images, and videos.

4. Apowersoft Free Video to Mp3 – From YouTube to Your Mp3 Player

This is an online platform that allows you to extract audio video online and download it in MP3 format. Videos available on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other sites can be converted into MP3 audio files.

You can also convert videos that you have saved on your PC or device. It also accepts videos in almost all types of formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, Among others.

Now, suppose you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3. To do this, you must:

  • Copy the YouTube video URL.
  • Paste the address in the platform URL box.
  • Click on “Convert.”
  • download

It is really very simple. In addition, this tool allows a searcher through which you can find music videos on YouTube. This platform is compatible with Windows or Mac and works very well with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

5. – Ensures 30 Times Faster

This is an online application that can be used to convert your songs as well as videos. Like many people, you only need to upload audio and download it in a new format. A good internet connection is enough for everything to function properly.

Offering more than 1000 formats compatible between video/audio, both input, and output. When loading the audio you want to convert, just select one of them. Prepare the file, you can download it to your computer.

This is a very practical application. This offers you the option to download a set of songs in a zip folder. Additionally, this allows you to save your file in the Dropbox folder.

According to the platform, it’s 30 times faster than other converters.

6. Any Video Converter Free – YouTube Videos and RIP CDS

This is a video converter more than an audio converter. However, this is on this list because it allows you to download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3s.

Another converter on this list that fulfills this function is the web platform, in this case, the program.

All you have to do is copy and paste the file URL and download it. Then select the MP3 option as the target format and conversion. In addition, this allows you to copy the tracks contained on a CD, converting them to MP3s. It really is very easy to use.

It might be rather unnecessary to download a program as complex as this and use some of its functions. However, it’s worth trying with this software, you also never know when you will need a video converter.

7. Convertio – Payment, But Very Useful

With an easy-to-use interface, Convertio is another web platform on this list. It has the virtue of working in many formats, including MP3, AAC, AIFF, AVR, 8SVX, OPUS, etc.

The first thing to do to convert a track is to load it from a PCDropbox or Google Drive. Another option is to show an audio file link. There are advantages to loading a playlist, but the set cannot exceed 100MB.

This tool is not free, there are several packages that you can cancel as you like. But it’s worth it, because besides converting audio files, it also converts, videos, images, etc.

According to the page, there are more than 260 million files converted through this site.

8. Free Mp3 / WMA / OGG Converter – Basic But Complete

This is a basic but complete audio converter. If you only need the main function, it’s really recommended for you. Forget the many buttons and options that this program usually brings, but we don’t really use them.

Don’t be fooled by its name. In addition to working with MP3, WMA, and OGG, this software includes more formats, including AAC, MAR, and M4A. Cover the basics of this type of program.

In addition to changing the format of the track, with this software, you can extract audio from the video. Of course, this must be in one of the compatible formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, among others.

Easy to use, you can move it without problems. With an intuitive interface, you only need to choose the format you want to convert to the drop-down menu.

You can download it absolutely free from the official program page. It is available for Windows.

9. VidToMp3 – YouTube Audio Video Flash

This is a web application that aims to convert YouTube flash videos to audio in MP3 format. VidToMP3 is completely free and very fast. It has an operation similar to Apowersoft Free Video To MP3.

Simply copy the video address, and paste it into the URL box that allows the platform. Likewise, click Go and wait for the file to be ready. You will be given a link to download audio.

You can do all this without having to log in or download the plug-in. VidToMP3 is user friendly in that sense.

After reviewing this list, did you find what you were looking for? Don’t hesitate to try a number of them before sticking with one. Most importantly, with a web platform, you don’t need to download it. And voila, convert all your songs with your song ideal audio converter.


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