The Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2020

Most video content in this video streaming service has never been known for anime content. However, we share the List of 10 Best Torrent Sites Today.

You will find a lot of video content on the video streaming service, however, this video streaming site has never been known for anime content.

So, here, in this article, we will share some of the best 2020 anime torrent sites that are worth a visit. Well, if we look around, we will find that almost everyone is busy watching movies and TV shows.

That’s all because of streaming video sites like NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. This platform offers users outstanding video content that every user likes to watch.

Top 10 Best Anime Torrent Sites for Download Your Favorite Anime Content!

We can all agree that anime brings some of the most creative storylines. We have this vibrant and active world, filled with imaginary characters but real.

Anime takes us to the area of our unexplored imagination, where each scene can be a work of art. However, we cannot say that anime has become mainstream because we did not see much coming from Hollywood.

In fact, you have to open the Web to download anime torrents. We will help you by presenting a list of the best anime torrent sites in 2020.

Best Anime Torrent Sites

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You will find a lot of video content on the video streaming service, however, this video streaming site has never been known for anime content.

YouTube does have a lot of anime content, but that is not enough for anime lovers. This is why Anime lovers from all over the world rely on torrent sites to download anime videos.

Because most torrent sites have been closed by authorities. Finding a functioning torrent site has become a troublesome task.

So, to make things easier, we will share some of the best anime torrent sites that you can visit right now.

If you want to know How to unblock torrent access connection then you can read our article here. where we are explained how you can unblock torrent easily.

10 Best Anime Torrent  Sites for Getting any Type of Anime Content!

You might need a VPN application to visit some of these sites. So, let’s explore the list of the best Anime torrent sites in 2020.

1. 1337X

1337X extra torrrent

1337X is most likely the largest and oldest torrent site you can visit at this time.

The great thing about 1337X is that it comes with a nice interface that looks clean and well organized. Not only anime content, but you can find torrent files for almost all formats.

So, 1337X is definitely the best torrent anime site that you can visit right now.

TechTanker will help you with a list of 1337x proxies and Mirror sites for you to use when accessing and unblocking access to Torrent and some other sites blocked by your ISP.

Visit 1337x

2. Anime Layer


Anime Layer is one of the best torrent sites you can visit at this time. As the torrent site says, Anime Layer is a site that is only intended for anime lovers.

The great thing about Anime Layer is the interface that looks fantastic. Not only that but the torrent site lists all the torrent according to the genre, type, release date, etc.

Visit Anime Layer

3. Anime Ultime


If you are looking for a torrent anime site that focuses on appearance and has an exclusive collection to offer, then you need to bookmark Anime Ultime.

Anime Ultime is one of the best anime torrent sites that every torrent lover wants to visit.

Like all other torrent sites, Anime Ultime also manages video content according to genre, name, type, etc.

In the previous article, we have shared the best animeultima alternatives, if you want to know more about that then you can check out our previous post.

Visit Anime Ultime

4. The Pirate Bay


Well, The Pirate Bay is actually not a torrent anime site, but it is completely versatile in the torrent section.

You can find almost every file in The Pirate Bay from premium tools to freeware files. In addition, The Pirate Bay also has an extensive collection of anime content.

So, The Pirate Bay is the best torrent site 2020 that you can visit now. Also, check out best pirate bay proxy sites.

Visit The Pirate Bay

5. AniRena


AniRena is another best torrent site on the list that only has anime video content.

The best thing about AniRena is that the site is very fast and doesn’t spam users with advertisements.

This site has a wide range of anime torrent content to offer. Not only that, but AniRena is also one of the best anime torrent sites in 2019 that you can visit now.

Visit AniRena

6. SeedPeer


If you are looking for a torrent site that has a minimalist UI and has a large collection of torrent content, then SeedPeer is probably the best site to visit.

This site is famous for its many unique torrent content choices. Not only anime torrents, but in SeedPeer you can find almost anything like Games, Freeware files, Music, etc.

Visit SeedPeer

7. TorLock


Well, Torlock is another popular torrent site in the list that has a large database of torrent content.

The best thing about TorLock is that you can find almost everything on the platform including music, games, TV shows, anime videos, etc.

Not only that, but the site claims that it only verifies torrent content. So, TorLock is the best torrent site that you can consider.

Visit TorLock


RARBG Anime Torrent Sites

RARBG is another top-ranked torrent site in the list that only focuses on video content.

You can find lots of video content on platforms ranging from movies, TV shows, Web series, Anime videos, etc.

It has an old school interface that might disappoint some users, but this site is fast and well optimized. So, RARBG is another best site where you can get anime videos.


9. YTS

YTS Anime Torrent Sites

YTS is another great torrent site on the list that has an exclusive collection of video content.

Guess what? You can find tons of video content at YTS ranging from movies, TV shows, Web series, anime, etc.

The YTS interface is also amazing and is definitely the best torrent anime site 2020 that you can visit now. Here is the best yify proxy sites list.

Visit YTS

10. TorrentHounds

Torrent-Hounds Anime Torrent Sites

TorrentHounds is the last torrent site on the list that is quite popular with the torrent community.

The great thing about TorrentHounds is the community-based platform. That means the community users themselves share files that you find on TorrentHounds.

If we talk about anime torrents, you will find many torrent anime on the platform.

Visit TorrentHounds

The Final Word

So, these are the ten best anime torrent sites now that you can consider. If you know other anime torrent sites like this, let us know in the comment box below.

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