10+ Best Rabbit Alternatives: Sites Like Rabb.it in 2020

Best Rabbit Alternatives or Sites Like Rabb.it in 2020: Rabbit is currently facing intermittent issues, making the site not accessible to everyone. Therefore, in the meantime, you can tap into Rabb’s true potential.

Best Rabbit Alternatives Sites Like Rabb.it

It’s the innovative video streaming feature by taking a quick look at some of the best sites like rabbit online. You can do it all on these sites: stream your favorite YouTube / Netflix Videos, have lively conversations with friends from all over the world, and create free chat rooms.

Also, many of these Alternatives to Rabb.it have a similar interface, offer identical features, and are totally free! Also, changing platforms will not be a problem.

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In case you were having a hard time accessing the Rabb.it app from your device, these fancy sites like Rabbit are the best online alternatives. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10 of the Best Sites Like Rabb.it: Rabbit Alternatives in 2020

1) SimulChat


If sharing your great video content with loved ones is your top priority, SimulChat is a decent Rabb.it or Rabbit alternative worth taking.

Based in South Africa, SimulChat distributes lots of handy features like video calling and file sharing. You can also stream YouTube videos seamlessly and watch them with your friends.

Better yet, you can also chat with them non-stop for hours while watching your favorite videos hosted on a mix of social media sites.

There’s also a provision to keep privacy within your close circle’s thanks to clever private chat rooms. Not to mention, you can create a virtual chat room on SimulChat with ease and grace.

2) Watch2Gether

Germany-based Watch2Gether was founded almost a decade ago in 2011 with the goal of entertaining its legions of users through live video and chat streaming.

For starters, you can share your social media profiles with friends and create audio playlists based on your preferences.

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What makes it a clever alternative to Rabb is that you can also shop online from sites like Amazon while watching videos on YouTube, LiveLeak, or Vimeo. All in all, it is one of the best sites like Rabbit that has something reserved for everyone.

3) Delirium


With a diverse mix of features, Rave ensures that streaming video and socializing with friends and family online never goes out of style.

The site sports a neat and streamlined interface where virtual chat rooms are assigned to a group of friends who can watch their favorite videos and enjoy cheeky pranks next door.

In addition, you can also share content or upload your own videos and manage them in real time. Not to mention, there’s a provision to manage all existing chats so your conversations never skip a beat.

4) SynapTop


SynapTop, one of the best sites like Rabbit on the market right now, is based in Pennsylvania and has wowed users over the years with its easy-to-access options.

You can access the site via mobile for free and read e-books, watch movies or stream music without delay at all!

SynapTop is compatible with all operating systems, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux or Android. On the social media front, SynapTop provides real-time collaboration in the form of Text Messages and other chat options.

5) MyCircle.TV


Based in England, MyCircle.TV was created in 2011 and offers a ton of cool features worth taking a look at.

In addition, you do not have to register or register on the site since it is available completely free of charge.

The interface is as spic and span as it comes where one can upload their own videos and share them with friends and private groups through private chat rooms.

In fact, you can also manage your existing chat conversations and create/manage playlists quickly.

There’s also a provision to join or create exciting new chat rooms that are unique to your circle of friends.

6) BlaTube


Another nifty alternatives to Rabbit or Rabb.it, BlaTube is absolutely free, so you won’t have to worry about registration hassles.

The new factor is that you can share files from Dropbox, YouTube videos and all other forms of content to share with ease and grace.

In fact, it is one of the best sites like Rabbit where you can also take control of other synchronized PCs within their private chat rooms and interact with friends and family in a more lively way. Additionally, there are many active chat rooms where you can participate by invitation.

7) LetsGaze

LetsGaze is a Rabbit Alternatives

A host of commendable features make LetGaze the kind of Rabb.it alternative you’ve wanted to hold in your hands for a long time.

For starters, you can use the site to chat and communicate with friends via immersive text messages or through video sharing

LetsGaze makes momentary suggestions from time to time to enhance your streaming experience.

Plus, LetsGaze makes it ridiculously easy to share and stream videos with friends and family. You can also play video and audio in multiple formats without problems.

8) AndChill

AndChill is a Rabbit Alternatives

Best another Rabbit alternatives is andchill. it’s a Great user experience and impressionable user interface make up for an interesting chat experience on AndChill.

To top it off, you can stream your favorite videos and share links easily. Even if you are not familiar with the site, its interface has a very fast learning curve.

Beginners can create new chat rooms with just a click and share videos and music with aplomb.

Additionally, there are many active public groups that you can join to start conversations with like-minded people.

9) Together Tube

Together Tube is a Rabbit Alternatives

After entering the market in 2012, Together Tube is another site based in Germany that offers attractive features similar to Rabb.it.

For starters, you can share as many links as you like with your friends and browse hundreds of thousands of videos.

the built-in chat system is quite good and provides a definite charm in regard to social communication.

You can also take advantage of a synchronized media player as well as a voting system that is difficult to find in other Rabb.it alternatives.

10) WaveLength FM

WaveLength FM is a Rabbit Alternatives

Rounding out our list of sites like Rabbit is WaveLength FM, which is loaded with some splendid features.

You can stream videos from social networking sites for free on WaveLength FM and share videos and music with your friends in real-time.

In the meantime, you can enjoy some lively conversations on the side inside a dedicated chat room that’s unique to your clique.

However, the only downside is that you will have to register and create an account in WaveLength FM before taking advantage of all its features.

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