Best Free 3D Badminton Games for Android Online & Offline [2023]

For those of you who like sports, especially badminton or badminton, now advances in technology make it easier for you to play badminton.

However, the sport or game of badminton that will be discussed by Caris Signal this time is a badminton game in the sense of a virtual badminton game.

Many game developers are present and can also be an option for you. However, it’s not uncommon for you to be confused about which one is the best badminton game.

Best Free 3D Badminton Games for Android Online & Offline

So, that’s why we’re going to package it into the 10 most fun badminton games for Android phones. Curious? Will it be more exciting than drag-bike games? Keep reading the article!

Best 3D Badminton Games For Android 2023

1. Badminton League

Badminton League

This is one of the best badminton games chosen by the PlayStore editors and of course one of the best games chosen by Caris Signal. In this Badminton League game, players will be invited to compete in badminton which is quite challenging.

This is an online game, so you must be connected to an internet network. Because Badminton League is a game that requires you to be online, this game provides a multiplayer feature where you can compete in badminton with other players. Want to try? Download here.

2. Badminton


Virtual badminton games with animated graphic presentations that are classified as well are now presented by a game called Badminton.

This game is the creation of the developer Enjoysports. Classified as easy, so, Badminton can be played by children at least 3 years old.

Not only that, the sound or background that is prepared sounds more real. In this game presented by Badminton, players can improve their badminton game skills to win it.

How to play, you only need to move forward, backward, jump and shoot at your opponent. Easy? Download here.

3. Badminton – 3D Games

Badminton - 3D Games

It has the same game name as the game made by Giraffe Games Limited, even so, of course, this game created by 3DGames is just as good as the game made by Giraffe Games Limited. Here, players can create a character whose skills can of course be improved.

Create and create a badminton master. Not only that, even Badminton 3D also allows you to compete with the masters of badminton that are available in the game.

Don’t be afraid of difficulties to play, Badminton 3D has made sure that the game can be played by all people, including children. Let’s play here too.

4. Badminton 3D

Badminton 3D

Giraffe Games Limited has indeed launched a number of successful Android games. This time, the developer has developed a badminton game called Badminton 3D. quite attention-grabbing, this game, which has won more than 200,000 downloads, features fun and simple gameplay.

Actually, Badminton 3D is a game to be played online or must be connected to the internet. So, in Badminton 3D, players can invite other friends to compete in badminton.

However, if you want to play without having to suck up internet quota, players can choose against the AI ​​that has been prepared. You can duel through tournaments, leagues, and other badminton matches. Want to play? Download here.

5. LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton

LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton

Various playing modes are provided by the game LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton. This also makes one of the flagship games made by MEDIASOFT ENTERTAINMENT developers.

Not only that, it is even ready with a feature where players can customize their badminton player character.

Apart from all that, LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton does have various playing modes. Here players can choose exhibition mode, multiplayer, tournament, and training mode.

Everything is prepared with their respective functions. What are the functions of all these modes? Find the answer by downloading the game here.

6. Badminton Star

Badminton Star

Playing badminton virtually by relying on an Android phone can be done by playing the Enjoysport stretcher game. The badminton game this time is called Badminton Star.

Classified as a game with a small or lightweight size of only 13MB, this game is capable of downloading more than 40,000 times.

In the game, Badminton Star installs a variety of excellent features, for example, players can choose 10 different badminton player characters.

Not only that, even Badminton Star provides more than 20 attributes to be paired with Badminton Star player characters. If interested, you can immediately play the game here.

7. Badminton Star 2

Badminton Star 2

Choosing the character of your favorite badminton player is one of the highlights offered by the game made by the developer Enjoysports.

Not once or twice, Enjoysports has indeed released many badminton games that are capable and fun to play on Android phones.

Of course, the game this time is also equipped with a variety of mainstay features. Badminton Star 2, is able to make players change rackets so that they are even better at competing in badminton matches.

The themes presented are varied and don’t make players feel bored quickly. Intrigued by other features? Try playing the game here.

8. 3D Pro Badminton Challenge

3D Pro Badminton Challenge

Last but not least, this badminton game is also not spared in embedding 3D animations into the game. 3D Pro Badminton Challenge provides a fun and exciting badminton game to play by presenting a variety of ways to play. You can choose Quick Match, Championship, Challenge, and also Training modes.

It doesn’t stop there, 3D Pro Badminton Challenge also provides a variety of pretty good features for an Android game. You can customize the character of the badminton player you choose.

Also, the character you choose must always improve skills to be able to fight against other players. Interested? You can download the game here.

9. Real Badminton World Champion 2018

Real Badminton World Champion 2018

This game frees players to modify and choose their own characters. So, you can determine what kind of clothes you want to wear, to choose a racket that is adjusted to the level.

Now, to level up, then you have to be able to win the game. There are two game modes provided, namely 1 vs 1 or through a tournament.

If it’s 1 vs 1, the player will duel with the AI ​​of Real Badminton World Champion 2018. However, if you want a more challenging match, then choose tournament mode.

There, you will meet other players and compete with fellow Real Badminton World Champion 2018 players.

10. Badminton Premier League

Badminton Premier League

Just like most badminton games, in Badminton Premier League you can also compete in badminton with various playing modes.

The play modes provided are Premier Badminton Training Mode, Smash Badminton QuickPlay, Super Badminton Friendly Matches, Pro Badminton knockout tournament, and International Badminton World Tour Championship.

Apart from providing many choices of playing modes, this game also provides various upgrade items, both for the racket and the player’s appearance. It’s just that, to be able to upgrade, you need to win the game first. Interested? You can play the game right here.

11. Badminton 3D – SuperCreative

adminton 3D – SuperCreative

Again, the badminton game has the same name but with a stretcher and creation by a different game developer. This time, it is SuperCreative that carries a badminton game by presenting a modern 3D graphic animation. Badminton 3D – SuperCreative, this is no less exciting and fun.

The reason is, Badminton 3D – SuperCreative is equipped with various reliable features that players can take advantage of. You can find various kinds of unique badminton player characters with fun musical backgrounds. You can also participate in tournaments in Badminton 3D – SuperCreative.


The following is a review and discussion of the 10 most exciting badminton games, Caris Signal’s version. If you have other fun games, please recommend them in the comments column.

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