Best Apps for Blur Photo For Android Users


Photo Blur app is an application that is very easy to use. You can blur unwanted parts or backgrounds in your photos and easily add light to each part of the photo. Feel your photo experience to be amazing and the goodness of the Android blur photo application, for free. You can easily select each photo from the gallery or camera and give the photo a blur effect faster. Cut images easily, reduce and enlarge, reduce the size, cancel the selection and much more you can do with this application. Make your blur photo, focus on your face and lighting on the special part of your photo or the part you don’t want in the image using the Blur Photo Edit Application. Share the results Blur photos on your Android application to friends on Facebook and WhatsApp and give them the chance to make their photos amazing.


Sometimes this happens, your photos look good and you want to share them with your friends but you are hesitant to do so. Why? The main reason is maybe the background of the photo is embarrassing or not good for you. Second, the people who stand next to you in the photo may look annoying. Third, there are many objects that are not important and you don’t like in photos. All of these reasons bring the presence of the Blur photo background application for Android. You can remove the focus for unwanted objects and people on your photos and provide additional light to the subject you want to see prominently in the photo. Next is complete.



After Focus is the application for the best Blur photo background because it gives a blur effect that looks more real on your photos. You can filter both sides, from the foreground or the back of the photo with different colors and styles.


Without duplication of the camera application, you can make your twin on a blur background effect.

Click here to download After Focus Apps


Blur photo applications the Blur Magnify photo editing application allows you to create blurry photos in the fastest way. There is a Magnify Glass, which shows you the practical appearance of the blur effect you want. You can modify the size of the blurred image and the actual image. Options ‘cancel’ and ‘reset’ support the features of this one blur photo application.

Click here to download Photo Blur Magnify


With this blur photo application, you can apply 30 additional effects to your image. This application will automatically create a blur on the desired part of your photo taken from the camera or gallery. This blur background photo application also has the ability to maintain the color of the photo background and restore your photos to the initial sketch of the creation.

Click here to download Blur Photo Effect Art


Blur photo applications the Blur Photo Editor You can easily blur unwanted parts of your photos and eliminate the focus of disturbing objects. For a perfect blur photo, this photo blur application offers many interesting features. Such as: modifying the intensity of the blur, adding and increasing the existing blur effect. This blur photo editor application will make your photos very interesting to share with friends.

Click here to download Blur Photo Editor


This blur background photo application has a very good UI design and allows you to make blur and cancel the blur effect on your target photo. You can change existing options and photo sizes for the best results. To delete images, it’s also very easy with this blur photo application for Android.

Click here to download Blur Image Background


This application is very easy to use and is also a versatile blur photo editor with awesome features. This application allows you to edit photos in an easy way and eliminate other annoying ones. You can change the size, cut and save the photo of your choice on the Sim card.

Click here to download Image-DSLR Blur Focus Effect


The function of this application is almost the same as the blur photo application for Android, which was discussed above. The uniqueness of this one application is that it makes it easy for you to take two pictures simultaneously with separate blur settings and then combine it with one photo with a different blur effect.

Click here to download Background Defocus


Focus Effect is another application that can be used to add blur effects and focus on photos taken from the gallery or by capturing a new photo from a camera application. After the image is taken, the user can edit it with a blur effect.

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Users can choose the part that you want to focus on the blur effect on the selection button in this application and then process to make the unwanted part blur. Users of this application can share or save their photos.

Click here to download Focus Effect

Best Blur Photo Apps For Android Users


Aviary is the most popular photo editing application in the PlayStore. 50 million more users have used this application and have proven it. This application has many features, if discussed as a whole it can get out of the scope of this article, but aviary also has a perfect ‘focus’ effect, which allows users to use it to add blur effects to their photos. This application allows users to select focus areas using a selection menu that is in round or rectangular form. When the area for the shooting has been selected, the user can continue and apply this effect. Users can then continue by applying other effects, filtering them out and so on. Before finally saving or sharing the photo.

Click here to download Aviary


Cymera is another photo editing application that provides users with a variety of features. Users of this feature can take pictures with the camera available on the application or choose an image from the photo gallery device to edit. Blur effect can be selected on the “effects” menu in the application. Users can choose the focus area using options in the form of a round/rectangle in this application. Existing blur effects can also be added. After the blur effect is added and finished, the user can save or share the image.

Click here to download Cymera


Blur photo applications the Pics Art is the latest photo editing and photo sharing application, with more than 100 million users and features that make it easy for them. Speaking of the blur effect found in this application, users can choose between five options to add, namely: normal, smart, motion, focal and light blur effects on their photos. Users can also use the tool in this application called “brush” to use or remove the blur effect in the edited part of the photo and then process it to apply the effect. When finished, users can also use other effects for their edited photos or save/share the photos.

Click here to download Pics Art


From the various types of best blur photo applications for Android, it can conclude that Android users are greatly facilitated in editing their photos. Blur photo application for Android, is very popular at this time among Android users, because the features offer is very interesting, which can delete or remove unwanted objects or people in the picture. So, you can choose which photo blur application you like among the various types described above. With the blur photo application, Android users can get rid of something they don’t want in every moment they catch. This is our article this time and if you still want to know more info about photography, please visit our site at TechMint, See you later 🙂


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