Download Andromax Tools Mod Apk Latest Version 3.0 [2023]

The Andromax Tools application is very useful for Smartfren starter card users. Because Andromax Prime Tools will provide various conveniences for them.

Currently, technology is growing rapidly. There are various kinds of applications. Although various, in fact, each application has its own function.

So, basically no useless apps. One that may sound familiar is an application called Andromax Pro Tools. This one application is very useful for Smartfren provider users.

Download Andromax Tools Mod Apk Latest Version

What is Andromax Tools?

Who doesn’t know Smartfren? Since the last few years, Smartfren prestige as a provider of internet network providers throughout the globe has increased.

Offering many attractive promos, Smartfren users continue to grow every day. So, for Smartfren users, there is a software application called Andromax Prime Tools.

Andromax Pro Tools is a multifunctional application that you can use to change CDMA networks to GSM for all operators, especially Smartfren cards.

With this application, you can unlock GSM networks on Smartfren Andromax cellphones easily and quickly. So, you don’t have to bother using a PC or laptop anymore.

However, actually, Andromax Tools is not officially made by the company.

Andromax Prime Tools Application Functions

Several years ago, the Andromax brand smartphone from Smartfren was indeed quite popular in the community.

However, currently, Andromax Smartfren can no longer receive internet signals because they still use CDMA operators.

✅ App Name⭐ Andromax Tools
✅ Application Version⚡ 1.2 – 3.0
✅ File Size⭐ 15.5MB – 14.22MB
✅ Android version⚡ KitKat, Marshmellow And Others
✅ Download linksClick Here ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In general, the main function of Andromax Pro Tools is to change the device’s default cellular format from CDMA to GSM. The goal is that users can access the internet via GSM format.

In addition, this application also works root on Andromax devices. The root process can also simultaneously install CWM and make it easier to update the Android system.

The following are the main functions of the Andromax Mod Apk:

  • Changing the internet network from CDMA to GSM (changing the default cellular format).
  • As an application for root on Andromax Smartfren.
  • Serves to install CWM on Andromax smartfren.
  • Helps when updating the operating system Jelly Bean, KitKat, to Lollipop or Android 6.

With the Andromax application, the smartphone made by Smartfren can still be connected to the internet network.

In other words, this is an alternative application for people who still use Andromax as their Smartfren.

It’s no wonder that many people are still looking for the Andromax Tools application, especially Smartfren brand smartphone users.

Download the Andromax Tools Application

Until now, the Andromax Mod Apk has had 4 versions, starting from version 1.2 to the latest version, version 3.0.

But generally, the latest version of Andromax Tool will be more compatible with previous versions. But if it doesn’t work on the latest version, you can also use the previous version.

Download Andromax Tools V1 2

The Andromax Pro Tool application version 1.2 is compatible with Andromax smartphones with models supported by Smartfreen L and G and Android KitKat and Jelly Bean versions.

Here is the download link for Andromax Prime tool V1.2:

Application NameAndromax Tools
Current Version1.2
File Size15.5MB
Supported ModelsAll Smartphones (V4.0+)
Android versionKitKat and Others
Download linksClick Here

Download Andromax Tools V1 8

The Andromax Tool V1 8 application is compatible with Andromax smartphones with models supported by Smartfren types C1, C2, and C3 and the Android Marshmallow version.

The following Smartfren tools 1.8 download link:

Application NameAndromax Tools
Current Version1.8
File Size13.6MB
Supported ModelsAll Smartphones (V4.0+)
Android versionMarshmallows and Others
Download linksClick Here

Download Andromax Prime Tools V2 0

The Andromax Tool V2 0 application is compatible with Andromax smartphones with models supported by Smartfren type G series and Android KitKat versions.

Here is the download link for Andromax Tools V2 0:

Application NameAndromax Tools
Current Version2.0
File Size13.22MB
Supported ModelsAll Smartphones (V4.0+)
Android versionKitkat and Others
Download linksClick Here

Download Andromax Mod Tools Version 3.0

The Andromax Tool Version 3.0 application is compatible with Andromax smartphones with models supported by the type C series Smartphone and Android versions Jelly Bean and KitKat.

The following is the download link for Andromax Mod Tools Version 3.0:

Application NameAndromax Tools
Current Version3.0
File Size14.22MB
Supported ModelsAll Smartphones (V4.0+)
Android versionJelly Bean and Others
Download linksClick Here

How to Install Andromax Mod Apk Tools?

  1. Open the cellphone that you want to install Andromax Tools on
  2. Then download the apk that has been provided above
  3. Then check the file in the download folder, if it’s finished then proceed to the next step
  4. Open the   “Settings”  or ” Settings ” Menu on the cellphone that is being used.
  5. Select Menu  “Additional settings > Security > Privacy > Enable Install Unknown Applications”.
  6. Then open the apk that has been downloaded, then click install the application.
  7. Follow the steps until the application is successfully installed correctly
  8. If you have tried to check, open the application and if there are no problems, it means the installation was successful

How to Download Andromax Tools in the Play Store?

For Andromax Tools itself, there is no Play Store yet, so you have to download the APK via the link provided above.

In addition, the developers may not provide the latest 4.0 version so it gets stuck up to v.3.0.

Read Also: How to Download Andromax Tools v3.0 in the Play Store

If you search for Andromax Tools in the Play Store, various similar and recommended applications will appear, but not the Andromax Tools that you are looking for.

Even though it wasn’t released on the Play Store, you can look for other download sources that have been provided free of charge and without the need to pay.

If you want to try looking for it in the play store, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Then select Play Store
  3. In the search field when Andromax Tools
  4. Then you will be given the results of Android Tools that are similar but not Andromax
  5. If you don’t think you need to download similar tools, you don’t need to download them

Download the Andromax Tools c3 KitKat Application

Andromax c3 KitKat is an Android that is compatible with the various versions above, the way you only need to download one of the Andromax Tools versions above.

It is recommended to use V.3.0 because there are many better features that can be activated.

How to use Andromax Tools?

You already know what Andromax Tools is. It turns out that the function of this application is also very important for Andromax Smartfren users.

Now is the time for you to know how to use the Andromax Tools application. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the tools first on your cellphone, then install the Andromax Tools application.
  2. If it is installed, open this application to find many tools in it.
  3. To activate the GSM network so that you can connect to internet access, please click on the SIM menu at the top.
  4. Select the menu that says Switch SIM.
  5. Uncheck the box in the CDMA RUIM section, then click OK.
  6. To get rid of the signal, you need to check the Boost Signal section on the start page.
  7. Meanwhile, to have a network type, go to the Request Network menu.
  8. The network settings on SIM 1 are off, so you need to reactivate the data connection on the Android smartphone.
  9. Return to the main menu of the Andromax Tools application, then enter the Edit APN section.
  10. Because previously you turned off the CDMA RUIM setting, the network will automatically switch to GSM after the data connection is on.

After doing the above, it means you can use the GSM network as usual. So, you no longer need to have trouble finding a CDMA internet network.

Strengths and Weaknesses Andromax Tools

For those of you who are still unsure about using this application, here are some of the advantages of the Andromax Tools application:

  • Can be used to install Clock Work Recovery or CWM more easily.
  • Helps check whether your smartphone has been rooted or not.
  • It can help root without unrooting Andromax Smartfren easily and quickly.
  • To access the internet using a GSM connection on a CDMA smartphone like Andromax.

Among the many advantages of the Andromax Tools application, there is only one drawback. The drawback of this application is that it is not available on the Google PlayStore.

This is because Andromax Tools does not directly belong to Smartfren. A developer builds it himself.

Because it is not official, this application certainly cannot be listed on the PlayStore. As a result, you have to download it via a link on Google Chrome.

Andromax Tools features

You need to know that this application consists of several versions. The developer always updates this application with additional features.

Now, Andromax Tools has reached version 3.0. This version got so many changes from before.

Following are the features of andromax tools version 3.0:

  • SIM Defaults.
  • SIM switch.
  • Edit APNs.
  • GSM CDMA SIM Switches.
  • Edit APNs. BoostSignal.
  • Install CWM Recovery.
  • Check Root Status.
  • RootDevice.
  • Reboot Recovery.
  • Request Network Data Type.

This third version also has an offline version. So, the success rate of installing the APK is getting higher and ordinary people can install it easily.

Then the majority of bugs in the Andromax Tools application version 3.0 have been fixed so that the old features are more perfect and support the latest smartphone types, namely Android 5.0.

Good luck!

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