How a Free Android Keylogger Helps Parents Protect Their Children


Free Android Keylogger

How easy is to control children with your phone?

Today there has been a great debate about the use of smartphones from the children. Most of the parents want to find applications that ban their kids from searching in specific sites. The best free android keylogger can help you find a viable solution to your problem.

Free Android Keylogger for your phone, what is it?

It is a simple application installed on your smartphone giving you full access to the history log of your device. So, you can actually spy on your kids or elder people to make sure that they navigate to the right websites when using your devices. This application keeps records of browser history, SMS and phone calls as well as Social Media connections.

It is one of the tools that people are using to ensure proper use of their intellectual property and their smartphones. Now that most of the children are used to borrow their parents’ smartphones it is a necessity to have such programs installed.

Why choose the Snoopza keylogger for Android?

First, this application is really free around the web for you to download. It is easy to sign up to the main web page and install the software. Then all the features of the program are coming to your phone like:

  • You can keep a record of all data. Snoopza can record all phone calls, SMS and web navigation patterns.
  • There is the chance to geo-locate your smartphone no matter how far away you are.
  • Messages can be monitored and checked real-time.
  • You can even take photos from the front camera every time the user is unlocking the phone.
  • Finally, all internet activity can be checked and banned as well.

There is no need to have multiple accounts in case you want to control more than one device. The targeted device though is not drained in terms of battery capacity and that is why the Snoopza application is the best for Android.

How to install Snoopza on your phone?

Simply get into the Snoopza web page and start registering with your real name and address. Then the system will ask you to enter the mobile phone number with international code as well. This is practically it. You are having control of your device no matter what.

What is the functionality of the free Android keylogger?

Many persons are trying out the free versions of keyloggers since they are concerned about the safety and security of their smartphones. Not to mention, that they are preoccupied with the well-being of their beloved ones and having a keylogger gives you the chance to be in constant touch with your children.

Functionality of the paid version of Snoopza.

Snoopza can also be found in its paid version. For only a small monthly fee you can have access to many different services from Viber spying to geo-tracking of your smartphone even when the SIM card is getting removed.

This keylogger software has been developed by secret services so there is no way it can go wrong with normal life.

Pros and Cons


  • The great simplicity of use.
  • Free software can fit all persons.
  • Easy interface. You can control more than one smartphone with a single account.


  • More energy needed from the phone battery.
  • Voices of incoming calls are not clearly recorded from times to times.


Since you are giving your smartphone to your children you should always keep Snoopza installed. Safety becomes your top priority and keylogger programs are the ones to make you feel protected.


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