Best Alternative Apps Like ShowBox [2019]


Best Alternative Apps Like ShowBox

Best Alternative Apps like ShowBox: Obviously, Showbox is one of the best apps that allows users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows for free. One can watch the latest films as well as classic gold films.

Due to server failures in rare cases, we find it difficult to use the Showbox app to watch movies. In addition to the Showbox app, there are many other applications that are very similar to this streaming web application.

Plus, if you want to use another app to watch movies, you can try the best apps like Showbox listed below.

We have assembled a huge collection of quality apps and best alternatives to Showbox. Take a look!

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List of the Top Alternative Apps like ShowBox

1. Popcorn Time

Frankly, Popcorn Time is a movie and TV app that I personally love because of its ease of use and its vast library of content containing all the latest titles.

Unlike other top apps like ShowBox, Popcorn Time runs as a cross-platform BitTorrent client software, with an integrated media player.

The title you choose to play, downloads quickly enough and lets you watch it without buffering. The application offers several video quality options (including HD), as well as subtitles whenever possible.

Moreover, what sets me apart are the thoughtful content categories and multilingual support, which guarantees a personalized experience. That said, one problem I continue to encounter is the frequency of accidents. Hope they will fix it soon!

2. Box of film

Another Best Apps like ShowBox, Movie Box allows users not only to broadcast TV shows and movies but also to download them (some titles) in HD. Similar to ShowBox, this app also includes categories such as Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Favorites, and more.

In addition, to facilitate navigation in a vast repository of content. Although the application is overall very pleasant to use, a factor that really bothers me when using this app is that you have to watch the trailer of a movie or TV show before you start reading the content. This can be annoying when you use the app for long periods.


3. MegaBox HD

Also, MegaBox is appreciated by many entertainment enthusiasts because of its close appearance of ShowBox. Whether the interface, design, content or any other feature, the two services are similar.

MegaBox is backed by a solid server that eliminates problems with slow loading times and delays. This means that you can enjoy a smoother streaming experience. But the speed will also depend on your internet connection.

In addition, you can stream content in different resolutions, including 360p and 720p, depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.


4. Crackle

Not comfortable using an unofficial service with the legality in the gray zone? Sony Best apps like ShowBox is a great option totally free and legal. It offers a host of quality movies and television series in genres such as comedy, drama, science fiction, crime, horror, and action.

In addition, the content comes from big names in the industry such as FOX Digital, Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros., Universal Studios, etc. The best part? This service is available in 21 countries worldwide, in three languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.


5. Terrarium TV

Frankly, Terrarium TV is an app that I promote all the time in my social circle! This service boasts of a huge content catalog, filled with movies as well as old and new, which are incredibly easy to navigate.

In general, there are not many problems with buffering, but it is recommended to use links from Google Video, CDN Fast Server, Afdah because they are much faster than others. Similar to Popcorn Time, Terrarium TV also lets you watch HD content, with or without subtitles.

6. PlayBox HD

First, if you are looking for a Best Apps like ShowBox but also looks like the service (with the exception of its blue color scheme), PlayBox HD is worth a try.

In addition, this very popular app allows you to stream any type of content for free, including movies, cartoons, TV shows, and HD quality anime. The user interface of this application is as easy to use as it is on ShowBox.

Therefore, if you have used it, it will only take a few minutes. Besides Android, the app can also be used on an iOS device.


7. Movie BOX

Movie Box is the iOS version of Showbox, but there are also versions for Android, Windows, and Mac. It looks a lot like Showbox and has the same layout. If you’re comfortable with Showbox, you should not have any problems with Movie Box.

Moreover, the application installs using the same APK installation method, runs smoothly and quickly finds the last media to broadcast. And of course, there is also a decent search function, if you want to use it.

I used Movie Box for a while and I have very few problems with that. It does not seem to have as much HD content as Showbox, but if you can cope with the 720p, you will have the choice between many contents.

8. Movie HD

Movie HD is another alternative to Showbox for Android, iPhone or iPad that is worth trying if you want a little variety. It specializes in HD content, but also offers lower quality. Movie HD has an interesting trick: you can download movies to your device and stream them.

So, if you’re away from your Wi-Fi network or want to watch something on the train, you can select a stream and download it instead of requesting a permanent connection.

In the end, the user interface is smooth and well designed. Like the others, it allows quick access to trend flows, categories, and research.

9. Sky HD

First, Sky HD, not to be confused with the British TV company, is an alternative of Showbox for Android only by the makers of Playbox HD.

In fact, it is almost a true copy of PlayBox HD. It looks, feels and works the same way and often has exactly the same content characteristics. There are the usual categories and the search too, so it’s a complete application, without any original features.

Being a copy of PlayBox HD, the user interface is almost identical, except for the blue Sky logo in the corner. If you have used one, you can use the other without much difficulty.

10. Cinema BOX

Certainly, CinemaBox continues on the theme of copying the basic name and features of Showbox. It also has a similar appearance and feel, which makes it instantly familiar to anyone who has ever used one of these applications before. This comforts you because you will be up and running in no time.

Like Movie HD, CinemaBox allows offline viewing as well as streaming. This is a useful feature for those who do not have regular Wi-Fi access or who commute.

In addition, the design of the user interface is minimal and easy to use. Trendy movies are shown on the home screen and all options are available in one click. There is nothing that sets him apart from the crowd, but what he does it well. CinemaBox works on Android or iOS.


In this article, TechTanker has listed the Best Alternative Apps like ShowBox that I personally like to use. However, you can also check out some other notable apps such as Sky HD (not BBC), Hubi, Movie HD and Bobby Movie Box.

If you’re wondering how to download applications if they’re not official, it’s very easy. All you have to do is click on the links mentioned under each application, download the APK file on your device, install and launch the same. Before doing this, make sure that you have authorized the installation of files from unknown sources under Settings.


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