35+ Best Live Action Anime Recommendations


40+ Best Live Action Anime Recomendations

Do you want to recommend watching the best live action anime? live action anime does not mean an action genre, it’s more about anime which is used as a real life version, so characters and plots are sometimes the same.

Now this live action anime is a different model from the anime, usually if the anime is booming and is liked by many fans, it is often made a live action version of the anime that can consist of various genres of course.

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What Is Anime Live Action?

What is live action? Live action is an anime that is visualized more clearly by using original human figures but still with the same story as the anime version.

Anime adapted into live action is not new in Japan. You can easily find famous anime that has been taken into the form of live action.

Watching live action anime itself will give you a different sensation where you will be presented with a more realistic and relevant spectacle.

The success of the anime made many film production houses expand anime into a larger form, namely live action.

Noted, there are some live action anime that you really want to watch because you have the same or better execution than the anime version.

Want to know the best live action anime recommendations in Quota Media version ? Come on, just look at the recommendations of the best live action anime that will review below.

Don’t worry, because Mimin will review the best live action anime that is worth watching. Please enjoy the sensation of tension through the best Anime Live Action recommendations below, friend.

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Top 40+ Best Live Action Anime [Best Recommendations]

1. Detroit Metal City (2008)

Detroit Metal City (2008)

Detroit Metal City is one of the anime genre music which was later adopted into the form of live action. Released in the same year as the anime, Detroit Metal City has the main premise about a band child whose life is not far from music, friend.

Detroit Metal City tells the story of Negishi Kouichi who dreams of becoming a pop band member. Kouichi decided to move from his hometown.

However, instead of being a member of a pop band, Kouichi ended up in a Death Metal band.

Related Information Detroit Metal City

The main characterSouichi, Krauser-tan, Terumichi
Live Season
Show DateAugust 23, 2008
Genre Music, Comedy, His

2. Living Game (2015)

Living Game (2015)

Bakuman is one of the popular shounen anime. This popularity is what later made Bakuman adapted into a live action form whose quality is equivalent to the anime version itself, friend.

Curious? Here is a synopsis and brief information. Bakuman tells of the journey of the main character, Moritaka Moshiro to become a mangaka.

Previously, Moshiro was a person who had absolutely no motivation in his life. Everything changed when he met Takagi who offered him to become a mangaka.

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Information Related to Bakuman

The main characterMashiro, Takagi, Azuki
Live Season
Show Date3 October 2015
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen

3. Ajin: Demi Human (2017)

Ajin: Demi Human (2017)

Looking for live action veri from supernatural anime? So, you can make Ajin: For Human as your reference, friend.

Ajin: Demi Human is one of the anime which was later adapted into a live action form. The following is a synopsis and brief information.

Ajin: For the sake of Human tells about Ajin, the species which is the greatest discovery that humanity did. Ajin is able to live forever.

Meet Kei Nagai, a boy who just realized that he was Ajin. Being an Ajin means that he must be prepared to be brutally hunted.

Related Information Ajin: Demi Human

The main characterKei Nagai, Eriko, Sato
Live Season
Show DateDecember 6, 2017
GenreAction, Horror, Mystery

4. Bokura ga Itta (2012)

Bokura ga Itta (2012)

The name Bokura ga Itta is well-known as one of the most popular romance anime. What happens if it is made into a live action?

Well, you have to see for yourself how to touch the live action version of Bokura ga Itta. In 2012, the live action version of Bokura ga Itta was no less good than the anime version.

Bokura ga Itta himself talks about the love affair involving Motoharu Yano and Nanami Takahashi.

Both of them have a relationship since they were in high school until they grew up. Can both love survive? Please watch Bokura ga Itta, friend. Best 25 Alternatives to AnimeStreams 2019

Related Information Bokura ga Itta

The main characterYano, Nanami, Take
Live Season
Show DateMarch 17, 2012
GenreDrama, Romance, Shoujo

5. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (2016)

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (2016)

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is one of the romance genre shoujo anime which has quite high popularity.

After a few years, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji was appointed to the live action version. Even though the story is a bit off the mark, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji cukuk is okay for you to watch.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji told about Erika the lying artisan who bragged that Sata Kyouya, the most handsome man in his school was his girlfriend. Not wanting to be exposed, Erika is willing to be Kyouya’s slave who is now her fake boyfriend.

Information About Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

The main characterErika, Kyouya, Takeru
Live Season
Show DateMay 28, 2016
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

6. Gantz (2010)

Gantz (2010)

Looking for an anime action that was appointed as a live action? Gantz is the answer. Gantz is one of the best live action anime that you love to miss. 2010 aired, appearing cooler because it presents a more real action scene.

Gantz tells of two teenagers who found themselves trapped in a room filled with mysterious balls after rescuing a man on a subway line. Now both must be involved with alien hunting hiding on earth.

Information Related to Gantz

The main characterKei, Joichiro, Masaru
Live Season
Show DateJanuary 29, 2011
GenreAction, Horror, Sci-Fi

7. Heroine Shikaku (2015)

Heroine Shikaku (2015)

As a Japan Movie, Heroine Shikaku is one of the best. Last 2015, Heroine Shikaku who brought up the teenage love story was quite interesting for all of you, see.

Relevant and not too different are two things that describe this Heroine Shikaku, friend. Heroine Shikaku tells about Hatori who has long fallen in love with her childhood friend, Rita.

But what would happen if this girl loved by Hatori instead blew Hatori with another girl. What will Hatori do to make Rita know her true feelings?

Related Information for Heroine Shikaku

The main characterHatori, Rita, Hiromitsu
Live Season
Show Date19 September 2015
GenreComedy, Romance

8. Lovely Complex (2006)

Lovely Complex (2006)

One of the most popular shoujo romance anime, Lovely Complex was also appointed into the live action version, you know. It aired in 2006, Lovely Complex is one of the best live action anime that you deserve to watch. Curious? Here is a synopsis and brief information.

Lovely Complex tells us about Risa and Atsushi, two middle school students who had problems with their height. Risa has a very high height while Atsushi has a very short height.

Facing the same problem, the two were friends. Starting from friendship spiced with humor, a feeling arises between the two. What will happen next?

Related Information Lovely Complex

The main characterRisa, Atsushi, Nobuko
Live Season
Show Date13 July 2006
GenreComedy, Romance, School, Shoujo

9. Mushishi (2006)

Mushishi (2006)

Mushishi is one of the best live action anime that you deserve to watch, friend.

Why? because Mushishi is able to realize fantasy elements that previously existed in the anime version well. It aired in 2006, here is a synopsis and brief information about Mushishi.

Mushishi tells of the adventures of a supernatural specialist named Ginko who traveled to various remote areas of Japan to uncover Mushi, magical beings and people infected with these mystical creatures. Ginko must save them too.

Mushishi Related Information

The main characterGinko, Nijirou, Tanyu
Live Season
Show DateMarch 24, 2007
GenreFantasy, Supernatural

10. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (2015)

Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (2015)

Looking for a live action anime that has a strong drama element? So, please enter the Kokoro name and the Sakebitagatar into your watch list, friend.

Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda is one of the best live action anime that you really want to watch. Kokoro is not a Sakebitagatterunda himself tells of a young girl who suddenly lost her voice.

There was nothing he could do but prevent him from hurting others. Music and friendship are two things that are capable of being the consolation.

Information Related Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda

The main characterJun, Takumi, Natsuki
Live Season
Show Date22 July 2017
GenreAnimation, Drama, Fantasy

11. Joker Game (2016)

Joker Game (2016)

Playing games, Joker Games is one of the anime that is pretty good for you to watch. Belom satisfied? You can watch the live action version that looks exactly like the anime version. Live action itself was released last 2016. Here is a synopsis and brief information.

Joker Game tells the story of a spy organization called “D Agency” which was founded during World War II.

Every member who joins this agency will be taught various important skills that spies must have. Wow, what is it like?

Related Information for Joker Games

The main characterJiro, Yuki, Lyn
Live Season
Show DateJanuary 31, 2015
GenreAction, Thriller

12. Mirai Nikki (2012)

Mirai Nikki (2012)

Veri anime Mirai Nikki herself has a fairly high rating on My Anime List, friend. So what about the live action version?

In order not to be curious, you can immediately watch the live action version of Mirai Nikki who aired in 2012. The following is a synopsis and brief information.

Mirai Nikki tells the story of the main character, Yuki who is never satisfied with her life and does not know what her purpose is in the future. One day, a strange phenomenon occurred where Yuki found his cellphone filled with notes.

The record predicts events that will occur 90 days later. Now, Yuki is trapped in a game related to the notebook. Can Yuki survive?

Information Related to Mirai Nikki

The main characterYuki, Yuno, Aru
Live Season
Show Date2012
GenreAction, Drama, Game

13. Parasyte (2014)

Parasyte (2014)

Parasyte is one of the horror anime that comes with an anti-mainsteam premise. After a while, the Parasyte was appointed as a live action.

If you are a fan of horror films, then it’s not difficult for you to like Parasyte which was released last 2014, friend.

Parasyte itself tells the story of a strange tragedy in which there was a massacre throughout the world. This terrible tragedy was called “Chopped Murder” which has not found a solution to overcome it

Izumi Shinchi, a high school student found that she had parasites that lived and reproduced in place of her right hand. Maybe the parasite is able to fight “Chopped Murder”.

Related Information for Parasyte

The main characterShinichi, Ryouko, Satomi
Live Season
Show Date29 November 2014
GenreAction, Drama, Horror

14. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (2013)

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (2013)

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo is one of the most popular harem anime thanks to its seemingly anti-mainstream premise.

If you are not satisfied with the anime version, take it easy because Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo also has a live action version that is great for you to watch, buddy.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo tells the story of two students, Yamada and Shiraishi who find themselves having the ability to exchange bodies after both of them have fallen from the stairs. Funny thing is, to exchange bodies, they have to kiss.

Then it was discovered that this ability was related to the legend of 7 magicians. Yamada and Shiraishi also tried to find the seven magicians.

Related Information Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

The main characterYamada, Shiraishi, Miyamura
Live Season
Show Date2013
GenreComedy, Drama, Fantasy

15. Sukitte Ii With It (2014)

Sukitte Ii With It (2014)

If you dance romance anime adapted into a live action form, then Sukitte Ii Nayo is one that you can make a choice. Sukitte Ii Nayo is a shoujo romance anime famous for its scenes that make singles baper, you know.

Sukitte Ii Nayo herself told about Tachibana Mei, an asocial girl who had severe trauma about friendship.

Everything changed when Yamato, the most handsome student in school came into his life. Both of them also have sweet friendships.

Not until that, Yamato, who likes Mei, also launches various actions to get Mei’s heart, the asocial girl. Is it possible for May to become more open after meeting Yamato?

Information Related to Sukitte Ii Nayo

The main characterYamato, Mei, Takemura
Live Season
Show Date12 July 2014
GenreDrama, Romance

16. Fukumenkei Noise (2017)

Fukumenkei Noise (2017)

Another number of music genre live action anime that you can put on your watch list is Fukumenkei Noise.

Fukumenkei Noise is one of the anime which was then circulated in the form of live action. Running in 2017, here is a synopsis and brief information.

Fukumenkei Noise tells the story of the main character, Nino who has a sweet voice. Nino singing is not just singing but there is one goal that he wants to realize is to find two long-lost male friends, Momo and Yuzu.

Nino’s efforts were not in vain when all three were met at the same school. Reemerging again, there were many big differences between the three. Can Nino improve his relationship with Momo and Yuzu?

Related Information Fukumenkei Noise

The main characterNino, Momo, Yuzu
Live Season
Show Date25 November 2017
GenreComedy, Drama, Music

17. Kimi no Todoke (2010)

Kimi no Todoke (2010)

As one of the best shoujo romance anime, don’t be surprised if Kimi no Todoke is adapted into a live action form with a more real atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of anime anime, then it’s not hard to like this live action version of Kimi no Todoke, friend.

Kimi no Todoke tells about Sawako being shunned by her classmates because she has an appearance like “Sadako”, a famous Japanese ghost. This then made Sawako become a closed person because he did not have friends.

However, everything changed when Shota, the most handsome and smart student in his class, invited him to speak. Both of them finally became friends until finally there was a feeling of love between the two.

Related Information Kimi no Todoke

The main characterSawako, Shota, Chizuru
Live Season
Show Date25 September 2010
GenreDrama, Romance

18. Ore Monogatari !! (2015)

Ore Monogatari !! (2015)

The next number of the Shoujo anime with the composition of romance which was later adapted into the form of live action is Ore Monogatari !!.

Anime version of Ore Monogatari !! it’s already very good to watch, then what happens if the anime that aired in 2015 was raised to the form of live action?

Ore Monogatari !! tells the story of Takeo Gouda is a big, kind man who is kind. Unfortunately, no girl smitten with Gouda and preferred her friend who was far more handsome, Sunakawa.

Everything changed when Gouda rescued a girl named Yamato who was abused. Gouda’s love experience starts here.

Related Information Ore Monogatari !!

The main characterGouda, Sunakawa, Yamato
Live Season
Show Date31 October 2015
GenreComedy, Romance

19. Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun (2018)

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun (2018)

The name Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun has previously been famous as one of the best romance anime.

A few years after Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun was released, the anime that was thick with shoujo elements was later appointed to the live action version. Here is a synopsis and brief information.

Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun tells of Shizuku, a student who has never considered romance in her life. All she could think about was how to maintain her performance in her school.

Everything changed when Haru, his classmate who was the culprit came into his life. Often with Haru, Shizuku started to like Haru. So, how does the relationship continue?

Information Related Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun

The main characterHaru, Shizuku, Yuuzan
Live Season
Show Date27 April 2018
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

20. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Ghost in the Shell is one of the legendary anime that has a super cool sci-fi story.

Some time ago, Hollywood filmmakers adapted Ghost in the Shell into a live action form. What does Ghost in the Shell look like if it’s made a live action? Here is a synopsis and brief information.

Ghost in the Shell tells the story of the main character, Major Mira Killian, rescued from a horrific super accident. He later modified his appearance to become a warrior who fought against ignorance.

Embellished with the super-sophisticated modern world of life, Ghost in the Shell is very worthy of you to watch because it executes better than the anime version, buddy.

Related Information Ghost in the Shell

The main characterMajor, Batou, Aramaki
Live Season
Show DateMarch 31, 2017
GenreAction, Drama, Sci-fi

21. 3 gatsu no Lion (2017)

3 gatsu no Lion (2017)

One of the best anime slice of life wrapped drama, 3 gatsu no Lion is also adapted into the live action form, buddy.

Running in 2017, 3 gatsu no Lion illustrates how complex the main character’s life is in a more real way. Here is a synopsis and brief information.

3 gatsu no Lion tells the story of Rei Kiriyama, a shogi athlete who suffers from excessive anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Rei’s unwanted family then moved to an apartment to seclude himself.

In the apartment where he now lives, Rei meets the Kawamoto family, which consists of three brothers and their grandfather.

The Kawamoto family also felt what Rei felt and then brought the family relationship between the Rei and the Kawamoto siblings closer.

Related Information 3 gatsu no Lion

The main characterRei, Hinata, Akari
Live Season
Show Date22 April 2017

22. Erased (2016)

Erased (2016)

Erased is one of the best mystery anime with a very interesting story treat for you to follow.

If you are not satisfied, please watch the live action version of Erased that appears as good as the anime version, friend. Running in 2016, here is a synopsis and brief information from Erased.

Erased tells the story of the main character, Satoru Fujinuma, a part-time worker who does not have anything special in his life except his unique ability to travel time to the past to prevent disaster and death.

Satoru then questioned where did he come from this time travel ability? Does it have anything to do with trauma in childhood?

Related Information Erased

The main characterSatoru, Kayo, Airi
Live Season
Show DateMarch 19, 2016
GenreDrama, Mystery, Sci-fi

23. Isshuukan Friend (2017)

Isshuukan Friend (2017)

If you are looking for the best live action anime with a light plot without a lot of conflict, then you must enter the name Isshuukan Friend into your watch list, friend.

Originating from the anime, Isshuukan Friend was later adapted into a live action form that was interesting to watch.

Isshuukan Friend tells the story of Yuki Hase who secretly fell in love with his classmate, Kaori Fujiwara. However, there is something strange about Fujiwara: he never socializes with anyone.

Curious, Yuki ventured to approach Kaori who rarely spoke. Then, it is revealed the fact that Kaori has a strange syndrome, a syndrome that makes her lose memory after one week.

Related Information Isshuukan Friend

The main characterYuki, Kaori, Mayu
Live Season
Show DateFebruary 18, 2017
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

24. Nijiiro Days (2018)

Nijiiro Days (2018) action anime

Nijiiro Days is one of the most exciting anime romances in school life to remember.

Is the live action version as good as the anime version of Nijiiro Days? Well, you have to watch it for yourself, friend. The live action version of Nijiiro Days has just been released a while ago.

Nijiiro Days himself told about Natsuki Hashiba who had just been dumped by his girlfriend on Christmas Eve.

Also tonight, Natsuki meets a tissue girl, Anna who is a schoolmate. Suddenly, Natsuki fell in love with Anna at first glance.

Related Information Nijiiro Days

The main characterNastuki, Matsunaga, Keiichi
Live Season
Show Date6 July 2018
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

25. Ao Haru Ride (2014)

Ao Haru Ride (2014) action anime

Present as one of the best shoujo romance anime, many have given high expectations of Ao Haru Ride’s live action version. If you had previously watched the anime version of Ao Haru Ride, it would not be difficult to like this live action version of Ao Haru Ride, friend.

Ao Haru Ride himself tells about the return meeting between Futaba and his middle school friend, Mabuchi Kou.

Separated for a long time, much has changed in Kou’s self who now looks gloomy and silent. What’s up? Now, it’s Futaba’s turn to find out.

Related Information Ao Haru Ride

The main characterKou, Futaba, Yui
Live Season
Show DateDecember 13, 2014
GenreDrama, Romance

26. Orange (2015)

Orange (2015) action anime

The next number from the Shoujo romance anime which is then adapted into the live action form can you meet through Orange.

Orange is one of the best live action anime that has a strong plot. It’s a shame if you miss the live version of Orange, which aired in 2015.

Orange tells about Naho who received a letter from him in the future.

The letter contained a request to save his close friend, Kakeru, who was predicted to die in the near future. Naho in the future wants him in the present to change fate.

Can Naho undertake his request in the future to save Kakeru who turns out to save a lot of sadness? Please watch yourself, friend.

Information Related to Orange

The main characterNaho, Kakeru, Suwa
Live Season
Show DateDecember 12, 2015
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Romance

27. Hana Yori Dango (2005)

Hana Yori Dango (2005 action anime

Even though it’s quite old-fashioned, Hana Yori Dango is still very worthy for you to watch, friend. Hana Yori Dango itself is one of the legendary shoujo anime that inspired many production houses to adapt it to live action.

Hana Yori Dango tells of Makino Tsukushi who has the opportunity to attend Eitoko High School that is filled with rich people.

Makino who came from an ordinary family had to find himself dealing with F4, a gang that contained handsome men in the high school.

Related Information Hana Yori Dango

The main characterMakino, Tsukasa, Rui
Live Season
Show Date2005
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

28. Crows Zero (2007)

Crows Zero (2007) action anime

If you are looking for a live action anime that has an abundant action scene, the name Crows Zero is able to satisfy you, friend.

Crows Zero is one of the best live action anime released in 2007. Even though it tends to be old school, Crows Zero is still very good for you to watch.

Crows Zero tells the story of a transgender girl who longs to take over the cruelest high school she has ever attended.

Not only he, the other students also fought for this purpose. So, who will win?

Information Related to Crows Zero

The main characterGenji, Ken, Luca
Live Season
Show Date27 October 2007
GenreAction, Thriller

29. Rurouni Kenshin (2012)

Rurouni Kenshin (2012) action anime

Anime fans who talk about samurai? So, it is obligatory for you to watch Reruoni Kenshin, friend. Reruoni Kenshin is one of the best live action anime that takes the theme of samurai, a culture that is very thick with Japan.

Kenshin’s story tells of Himura Kenshin, a wandering samurai with a strong resolve to protect the inhabitants from the occupiers.

However, who would have thought if Kenshin had a dark past where it could destroy what he protected.

Information Related to Rurouni Kenshin

The main characterKenshin, Kaoru, Kanryu
Live Season
Show DateAugust 25, 2012
GenreAction, Drama, History

30. Nisekoi (2018)

Nisekoi (2018) action anime

As a harem anime, Nisekoi has such high popularity. No wonder many people, especially men who like this anime.

Recently, a live action version of Nisekoi was released. What does it look like? Does the live action version of Nisekoi want to defeat the anime version of Nisekoi?

Nisekoi himself tells the story of Raku who is searching for his childhood friend who just left and only gives him a pendant.

The pendant is the only clue that Raku can use to reveal who is his mysterious childhood friend.

Information Related to Nisekoi

The main characterRaku, Onodera, Chitoge
Live Season
Show DateDecember 21, 2018
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

31. ReLife (2017)

ReLife (2017) action anime

Looking for the best live action anime in school life? Then you should watch ReLife, my friend.

ReLife is one of the best live action anime that you deserve to watch because besides entertaining, ReLife will also teach you what life means especially for teenagers.

ReLife tells the story of Arata Kaizaka, a 27-year-old office employee who was offered to become a mysterious guinea pig company.

The requirement is somewhat strange because Kaizaki must take a pill that allows him to change 10 years younger.

After taking the pill, Kaizaki transformed into a high school student again. Inevitably he had to go back to school. Not only school, Kaizaki also had to improve his life so he would not regret it later.

Information Related to ReLife

The main characterKaizaki, Chizuru, Oga
Live Season
Show Date15 April 2017
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance

32. Kiss of the Kiss (2013)

Kiss of the Kiss (2013) action anime

The name Itazura Na Kiss is well known as one of the best shoujo anime.

Departing from the popularity of the anime series, Itazura Na Kiss was later adapted into a live action form which turned out to be very interesting to witness. Curious? Here is a synopsis and brief information.

Itazura Na Kiss tells about Kotoko Aihara who never thought that she would stay one roof with Naoki Irie, the handsome and smart person who was fond of the whole school.

Living in the same house because of an incident, many are hilarious involving both.

Related Information Itazura Na Kiss

The main characterKotoko, Naoki, Noriko
Live Season
Show Date2013
GenreComedy, Romance

33. Death Note (2006)

Death Note (2006) action anime

As one of the legendary anime, Death Note has a very high population. This is evidenced by the many adaptations of this anime.

The live action version of Death Note aired in 2006 by presenting a crime story that is very interesting for you to follow.

Death Note tells of the main character, Light Yagami who found a strange book called Death Note that allows anyone whose name is written in the book to disappear.

Light Yagami also uses the Death Note to combat crime.

Information Related to Death Note

The main characterLight Yagami, L, Naomi
Live Season
Show DateJune 17, 2006
GenreCrime, Drama, Fantasy

34. Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)

Fullmetal Alchemist (2017) action anime

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the anime that has high popularity.

Thanks to this popularity, Fullmetal Alchemist was later adapted into a live action form with more challenging illustrations. Curious? Here is a synopsis and brief information from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Fullmetal Alchemist tells the story of the journey of two brothers to find a heirloom stone that is able to revive their dead mother. Of course, it’s not an easy trip they will go through, friend.

Related Information Fullmetal Alchemist

The main characterEdward, Winry, Roy
Live Season
Show DateDecember 1, 2017
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy

35. Gintama (2017)

Gintama (2017) action anime

If you are looking for the best anime comedy, then the name Gintama is the most recommended. The anime version of the Gintama is able to make anyone laugh out loud. So, what happens if Gintama is adapted into a live action form?

Gintama tells the story of an era where aliens began to come in Japan’s feudal era and offer a variety of advanced technologies. The presence of this technology then shifted the role of the samurai.

Gintoki, one of the samurai who does all kinds of work to maintain his existence.

Gintama Related Information

The main characterGintoki, Toshiro, Shinpachi
Live Season
Show DateAugust 9, 2017
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy

36. Bleach (2018)

Bleach (2018) action anime

Looking for the best anime action adapted into a live action form? So, Bleach is the one we recommend the most, buddy. Just released some time ago, here is a synopsis and brief information from Bleach.

Bleach tells the story of the main character, Ichigo who gets great power where he can see ghosts and fight with evil monsters.

Ichigo then finds out the connection between his mother’s death and the monsters.

Information Related to Bleach

The main characterIchigo, Rukia, Uryu
Live Season
Show Date20 July 2018
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy

37. Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

Tokyo Ghoul (2017) action anime

Having a rating and high popularity, it’s no wonder that Tokyo Ghoul was later adapted into a live action form.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best live action anime that you deserve to watch if you like the thriller-smelling horror genre with a dark story atmosphere.

Tokyo Ghoul tells of a species called Ghoul that came to earth. Ghoul is a human eater. Meet Kaneki Ken who is infected with Ghoul.

Now, Ken must live as a human half ghoul. How is Ken’s next trip?

Information Related to Tokyo Ghoul

The main characterKaneki, Kirishima, Amon
Live Season
Show Date13 September 2017
GenreAction, Horror, Sci-fi

38. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (2016)

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (2016) action anime

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is one of the live action anime that made the anime a live action without losing its special character.

Therefore, we named Ansatsu Kyoushitsu as the best live action anime. Having a dramatic ending, here is a synopsis and brief information.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu tells of a large project involving all 3-E class students in an elite middle school to kill their own teacher and homeroom teacher, Koro-sensei. Koro-sensei is predicted to destroy the earth in the near future.

Can the 3-E class students eliminate Koro-sensei who is so valuable to their presence? Please watch yourself, friend.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Related Information

The main characterNagisa, Karma, Koro-sensei
Live Season
Show DateFebruary 10, 2015
GenreSci-fi, Action, Comedy


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