A Guide for Amateur YouTubers – YouTube Marketing, YouTube Cards and more


Building a brand encompasses a variety of things, including content marketing. Content marketing has become immensely important over the last few years with the advent of various social media platforms.

In addition to perfecting their services and products, successful businesses know how to churn out content and optimize their content marketing strategy as and when required. Given how videos are the most engaging type of content on the internet, having a YouTube channel, and learning how to optimize your YouTube marketing strategy is crucial to your success as a brand.

How do you create a YouTube Channel?

Here’s how you create a YouTube channel in no time:

Sign up for a Google account

While you could log into YouTube through your personal Google account, you are better off registering for a new account altogether for your business, especially considering you may have to share the account details with several members.

Create a YouTube Brand account

Setting up a YouTube brand account lets you manage editing permissions. Head to YouTube after you sign into your Google account. Click on ‘Create Channel’ and ‘Use a business or other name.’ Enter your YouTube brand account name and click on ‘create.’

Customize your Brand account

You can add a channel icon and channel art, which are the first parts of your YouTube channel that people will notice. Be sure to use high-quality images. You can use YouTube channel art templates to help you choose some cool channel art.

Once you do this, come up with a channel description, submit your contact information like your email address, and links to your website and social media handles.

Set permissions for your YouTube account

You ought to make a list of the members who will require access to the YouTube brand account. Be sure to note that granting access to your team members will enable them to control and manage the YouTube channel through their personal Google accounts. Your team members fall into one of the following categories:

  • Owners have the authority to edit company Google properties. They are free to add or remove managers, change business information, respond to reviews, and a lot more.
  • Managers can edit just like owners, but may not add or remove page roles or get rid of listings. If you are in charge of editing a YouTube channel, you must be a manager or an owner.
  • Communications Managers may reply to reviews and comments and perform several other functions but may not use YouTube’s video manager, upload videos, or check the analytics.

YouTube Cards – What are they?

YouTube cards refer to the interactive cards that show up at the end of YouTube videos. They display the clickable links to relevant content like other videos, external website links, and so on.

YouTube cards provide your viewer with a clickable Call-to-Action (CTA), prompting them to click. There are different CTAs that you would want your viewers to take, examples of which are subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, watching the series that the video belongs to, and so on.

There are primarily five types of YouTube cards you may incorporate in your YouTube videos:

  • Video or playlist YouTube card that you can use to promote your videos
  • Channel YouTube card for channel promotion
  • Donation YouTube card to highlight a cause that you stand for and ask for donations
  • A poll to engage the viewers and get them to vote
  • A YouTube card directing the viewer to an approved website outside of YouTube

How do you add YouTube Cards?

If you are frantically looking around for tutorials for making YouTube cards, here’s a simple process you can follow to get it done quickly. Go to your YouTube video manager, open the video to which you wish to add your YouTube card, click on the edit button you find below the video title. You should find a tab that says ‘Cards’ on the top.

Click on ‘Add Card’ and then create. Then select the type of YouTube card you want from the ones mentioned above and enter the necessary details like Channel username, URL, custom message, Teaser text, and others.

Once you add your YouTube card to the video, you may decide at what point during the video you want it to show up. To do this, you will have to drag the YouTube card to the position in the video you want and place it there.

You may add four more YouTube cards to the video after setting up the first YouTube card. Make sure that the YouTube cards show up when you want them during the video before publishing it.

What are some Important YouTube Practices to keep in mind?

Here are a couple of critical practices you should keep in mind as you make YouTube cards.

  • If you want your YouTube cards to direct your viewers somewhere else, be sure to place them towards the end of the video. While there are exceptions to the rule, these YouTube cards work best towards the end. This way, you can get your viewers to watch your videos until the end.
  • Keeping YouTube cards relevant to the video is vital. Many YouTubers make the mistake of not keeping them relevant. Make sure that you place a YouTube card that directs viewers to a landing page relevant to the video. If your video is not related to the landing page, be sure to direct your viewers to another video to bridge the gap and establish a context before they go to the landing page.


YouTube video creation and marketing your YouTube marketing strategy is a vital subset of content marketing that you should master to boost your brand recognition. Given how YouTube is here to stay, you need to be able to churn out valuable content and present it correctly to drive traffic. If you are new to YouTube marketing and YouTube cards, this should have you covered.


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