5 Reasons Why Business Needs Social Media


Social media is an online media where users can easily participate, share, create content or writing. In the digital era like now, young children to adults certainly have social media. This certainly makes it easy for you to provide various information for various ages. Not only for sharing information, but social media has also become a means of communicating and interacting online to do business marketing.

As a businessman who has a new business is looking for and finding a target market is one of the difficult things. But you will most likely achieve it by utilizing social media. Not only that, but indirect social media can also help you grow your business. Here are some reasons why you must have social media.

Get to know customers more closely

The key to success in business is to get to know its customers more closely. By having social media for business, the customer recognition process becomes easier. Try using support tools like Facebook Insight to learn the dominant language spoken between social media users (age or sex). This information can help in the process of branding and promotion to the right target. In using it, you also need to look at the age trends of users of each social media as a reference in choosing promotional channels to create content that can attract targets.

Hearing Customers’ Desires

Feedback positive or negative on the consumer is one of the important things that can improve the quality of the business for the better. Through social media, you will be able to quickly receive feedback from customers. Usually, they will send comments on a post or send direct messages directly. With social media, you can also find out what customers want and need. Social media can also be one tool or tool to measure customer satisfaction with the products or services you have.

Respond Quickly

After customers respond through social media, as a good company, you must respond to all feedback well and quickly. If in the past customers complained over the telephone, now they will submit complaints through social media. However, most companies only focus on answering complaints via telephone and ignoring complaints through social media. In fact, complaints on social media can be read quickly by customers who follow your social media. So don’t ever ignore any comments on social media and try making an SOP in handling complaints and questions through social media.

Seeing Market Competition

Through social media, you can get various information from competitors. From the information obtained, you can analyze the information to find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors to improve marketing strategies. Try to pay attention to competitors’ followers and see how they market their products. With the provision of this information, you can easily make marketing strategies and plans, to develop content that is suitable for the target. You can also start creating digital promos by sharing referrals or creating social media activities such as photo contests or quizzes to attract and improve market competitiveness.

Increase Website Visitors

The more website visitors, the greater the chance your product is purchased. In this case,  social media can help increase website visitors and have a positive impact on ranking websites on google pages. If you have interesting content, your website can also get a lot of traffic that has a positive impact on SEO. So, to increase visitors and traffic to the website, don’t forget to provide a link in each of your social media posts. But, it should be noted also what content you will post, don’t let it not match the intended link.

Those are some reasons why you should start having social media as a company asset. With the existence of social media, your customers can more easily find and find out information about the products or services that you sell. Besides  social media to analyze and attract customers, you also need financial reports for business development. Journal is an online accounting software that helps make financial reports easily, quickly, safely, and comfortably.

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