4 Content Writing Tools – How to Write Better Website Content!

Do you want to try your luck as a website content writer? Well if you want to become a professional writer, then you must know about the difficulties of the profession.

Writing content for a website is not your daily life assignment, and you have to work on your writing skills a lot before you put your foot in the market!

Lucky for you today there are online tools that help you polish your skills in such a way that you can get yourself ready to write unique and professional content in no time!

Before hurrying yourself to find these tools and start writing content for a website, you must know that website content, and its acceptance depends on many factors and the biggest one is the ranking of the website and its target.

This must be clear to you that the search engines are very strict on the ranking of websites, and all of this depends on the content published on the website.

We have gathered a list of the top four tools that are best for learning about how to write content and will also help you write unique and error-free content all throughout your journey of writing.

You must always search for a plagiarism checker free to check the originality of your content before submitting it or uploading for ranking.

Check for plagiarism tools are easily available on the internet but the tools for content writing that we will talk about today have a built-in feature and can work as free plagiarism checkers too!

Top Four Content Writing Tools!

Here are the list and the details of the top four tools for website writing!

Small SEO Tools!

The first service providing a website for improving your website writing skills is the small SEO tools.com, if you are stepping into the field of content writing, then you must use these tools as they can help you in a very detailed way. the small SEO tools will provide you with a variety of tools. You can use the following tools to make your content acceptable!

  1. The plagiarism detector online tool to detect any copied content from the web!
  2. Similarity checker tool to check whether you are writing similar content to what you have submitted before, people usually use it to compare texts in two documents.
  3. The paraphrasing tool is used to rephrase or rewrite a paragraph which is said to be plagiarized or has some traces of plagiarism in it!
  4. Proof-reader too is used to make your content free from human error, may it be a spelling mistake or grammatical blunder!
  5. Keyword density checker to check whether you have inserted the right amount of keywords in the content!

The tool is absolutely free, and you can enjoy it on any device you want.


The Grammarly tool for content writing is also one of the topmost renowned tools in the world. First of all, you must know that Grammarly has both its free and paid versions. You can enjoy many features with Grammarly, and some of the brilliant ones are as follows!

In the free version!

  • You can easily check your document for contextual spellings!
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Style

In the paid version, you can use it for all of the above-mentioned features and:

  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Plagiarism checker free tool
  • Proofreading

You must know that the paid version of Grammarly can easily be used on the Microsoft word tool in your desktop system and you can edit, check for plagiarism and proof-read your work as you write!


Duplichecker.com is also one of the tools to make the top list of content writing tools. The tool has the following features:

  1. Free to use!
  2. Friendly for users!
  3. Works as a plagiarism detector online tool!
  4. Proof-reads your work for errors!
  5. Guides you about citation and referencing!

Search Engine Reports.Com

The different writing tools by the SER are also said to be the favorite of most website writers because this tool helps writers to generate very SEO friendly content and the best part is it helps you in getting rid of plagiarism in your document. If you want to get good rankings on your website, then you must make sure that you are using the tools by SER.

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